About Me

My name is Ivan Fernando Gonzalez. I am a Colombian/Peruvian scientist and communicator living in Seattle, WA, USA.

Science has brought me to beautiful places: from trapping scorpions in a Caribbean island and study their “venom cocktail”, to tracking high-energy particles on the Andean mountains. From learning how sharks in La Jolla waters can detect electric currents, to controlling mutant cells with lasers in the lab.

I hope you may enjoy the beauty of science with me. Relax at this little corner of the web showcasing a fraction of the thousands of interesting phenomena explored everyday by scientist around the world. I will do my best to engage your interest and to tell you a good story.


Thank you for joining me in this journey

Please visit my personal page for more information about me: www.IvanFGonzalez.com

On paper I am a physicist and oceanographer but I prefer to think I am a electrophysiologist and a biophysicist, a communicator of the natural beauty hidden on plain sight. The most important titles I really have are husband, son, brother, friend and “papá”.

This Blog reflects my professional and personal quest for sharing the fun of science, for English and Spanish-speaking audiences.


www.salsadeciencia.com sciencesalsa_Taygeta 3ctfamilias Sketch23484217_Ryan_Bubble seattlescience

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